Back To School Teacher Gift

Peppermint Foot Care Gift Set Teacher Back To School Welcome Gift.png

It's the end of July and while you are lounging out by the pool or playing with the kids in the backyard, do you know what your kids' teachers are doing? Probably reading up on the latest reading or math strategy, the best way to teach the difference between asteroids and meteoroids, or how to make The Boston Tea Party come alive for a group of hormonal pre-teens. Yes, teachers get summers off like your kids, but most teachers toward the end of July start excitedly planning for the upcoming year. So why not start the year off right with a little thank you gift?

When I was in the classroom, the worst part of the first day was how tired my feet were at the end of that day. After a summer of being off my feet, and weeks of getting my classroom ready, that first day was spent on my feet for 8 LONG hours. Right now, as part of our Christmas in July sale, you can get the entire Indulgence Foot Care Set for only $35.00!

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Why not grab a set or two for your kids' teachers. While you're at it, you can package it up dollar store bucket with a couple of tea bags and a nice teacher mug (I saw some on clearance at our local JCPenny) and throw in a little chocolate or some honey drops (their throats get raw and tired from all that talking) and a nice note. It's a great way to get off on the right foot with the teacher and make her (or him) feel appreciated for all the hard work that lies ahead.

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