How to Clean Lime Scale and Calcium Build Up

We've all been there. You go to take a shower and the spray nozzle is caked with calcium and lime. The water can't even get through the holes so you have to run around in your shower just to get wet!. Or how about waking up in the morning at the crack of dark, then starting your coffee pot that refuses to work right. So what is a person to do? According to the US Geological Survey, 85% of water in the US is considered hard water and if you live in the Midwest, you are among the hardest water in the country. Aside from installing a water softener, which will help prevent hard water problems, what can you do to get rid of those pesky problems?

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Picking a Direct Sales Company: How To Find Your Best Fit

I am embarking on my third direct sales company in 18 years. That doesn't make me indecisive, it is called growth. What I have learned about direct sales over the course of nearly two decades, I could probably write a book. But if you are new to owning your own business, or you are at a turning point, what is the best way to approach it? How do you find the best company that will fit your passions and needs? Since I just joined my newest company, I thought I would give a few tips for choosing who is right for you.

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The Turtle and the Stones: Learning to Move Past Failures

A turtle was meandering along in the garden one day on the way to see the ocean. He was slowly laying stones to build the path as he went when he heard a small whimper off to his right.

“What is troubling you today, my friend?” he asked.

“I am sad because the world is so dead now.

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Back To School Teacher Gift

When I was in the classroom, the worst part of the first day was how tired my feet were at the end of that day. After a summer of being off my feet, and weeks of getting my classroom ready, that first day was spent on my feet for 8 LONG hours. Right now, as part of our Christmas in July sale, you can get the entire [Indulgence Foot Care Set][1] for only $35.00!

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