About The Curly Butterfly

This blog has gone through many variations over the years, starting out as “The Scatter-Brainiac Mom” where I talked about just about everything, from home-building to home decorating to cooking. You name it, I talked about it. Last year, when I started learning about marketing and branding, I learned that having a short and easy to remember name would be an advantage. So I changed the name of the blog to “Christy’s Brain”. While that was fine, it still didn’t feel cohesive. It didn’t feel like me.

Fast forward to this February when I finally found my footing and discovered the direction for my passion. While I will probably never claim to be one of those “crunchy moms” who eats all organic, home-grown food, has my own chickens for eggs, make my own laundry detergent, etc, etc, etc, I am beginning to explore some healthier ingredients for my family. I follow Weight Watchers freestyle by counting points so when I post recipes, I will include the point value based on the new (2018) freestyle rules. However, through the elimination of certain foods via Whole30, I have determined that dairy is a definite allergy for me. Wheat and bread products are not quite as bothersome, but still make me feel a little bloated, especially if I eat it several times in one day. All of that leads me to lean more toward a more Paleo type of lifestyle in my eating habits. I am not saying that it works for everyone, but it is what works for me, so feel free to use my recipes or modify them for yourself or your family.

The beauty side of the blog will be focused on nontoxic beauty products. More specifically, I am an Independent Jamberry Consultant, so when I post about products that are Jamberry related, all links will be directly to my duplicated Website. Any purchases from that website, I will receive a commission on. If you would like more information on hosting or joining my team, please contact me through the links on that page.

Finally, I will still post a few other topics, but I will always try to make them related to the health and beauty theme of the blog. If you have any ideas you would like to see here, comment below.