Rebooting My Brain

Rebooting My Brain

I’ve been gone a while and been struggling with where I wanted to go with this blog. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m a bit of a scatter brain and it makes me a little crazy sometimes. I will have a ton of ideas, but like lightning bugs in the summer dusk, I have trouble catching them in time. So with a little help from my friends, some colleagues, and hours of audio journaling (I’ll tell you more about that later), I think I am at the cusp of latching on to some ideas. As part of my reboot, I want to introduce you to Christy’s Brain. I’m a little bit, ok no, a lot nerdy 🤓, a planner/journaling/organizing addict (notice I didn’t say I was ACTUALLY organized), I like to feel put together without spending a lot of time or money, and a super busy mom of two special needs kids with a full time job AND a side business.

So, yeah, there will be coffee! ☕️

Come along for the ride as I tackle whatever is mulling around in my brain at the moment. Have a cup of coffee, tea, or wine while I show you a few fun, new, crazy ideas for getting your life pulled together. Even if you are a little scatter-brained. Like me!

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