Whole 30 Days 6-12

Well I made it through the entire week back at work without cheating one time!  I packed and brought my lunch every day.  That is a feat for me.  My job entails a lot of driving from one school to the next so it is so easy to just go to a drive-thru and get something on the go.  That, in fact, is why I gained all this weight back in the first place.  If you have read my blog a little, you know that I have done Weight Watchers before and lost a little over 42 pounds in the year of 2013.  I kept most of that weight off for a year and in June of 2014 I did my first Whole 30 because i was starting to gain again .  I was also tired of my constant daily IBS symptoms that I’ve had off and on for over 20 years. I felt so much better at the end of that Whole 30 and I tried to stay pretty much Paleo over the next several months.  But as soon as I started this job, drive-thrus became so easy and convenient.  The pounds just piled on.  At the beginning of this Whole 30, I weighed in at a whopping 229.2 pounds!  That’s only 4.6 pounds shy of my all time high when I started Weight Watchers.  It was definitely time for a change. So here is an overview of the last 7 days.  I’m not listing all of my meals, but here are a few highlights.


Bunless Burgers and Roasted Carrots and Parsnips

The best part about all of this cooking is I am learning to flavor food with spices instead of sauces so the flavor of the food really comes through.  This was a very flavorful meal of talapia and new potatoes.


This was my first attempt at making cauliflower rice.  I failed.  I think I blended them too much and ended up making something more like cauliflower mash.  It was very much like the texture of mashed potatoes and because I added a little ghee, sea salt, pepper and parsley, it tasted very similar to mashed potatoes too.  The pork chops are a favorite recipe from Rachel Ray’s book 365 No Repeats.  It’s not technically Whole 30 compliant because of the honey in it.  I made it with raw honey so I thought it would be ok to flub just a little on this one.


Finally tonight’s dinner of pork medallions, sweet potato and steamed broccoli.  The recipe for the Pork Tenderloin came from a book I’ve had since we got married.  Normally it calls for soy sauce so I just substituted Coconut Aminos in place of that.

Not bad for the first full week.  I will share more later.  Have a great and healthy week!

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