Whole 30 Days 2 & 3

According to Whole30.com Days 2-3 are called “The Hangover” and for good reason. I was anticipating this and was not disappointed when dragging myself out of bed yesterday was like lifting a Mac truck hanging off a bridge. When I finally did get up, I barely had the energy to make breakfast. I began to feel a little better as I started moving around the house, but generally felt pretty fatigued all day long.  The headaches were not as bad yesterday. I still downed about 3 doses of ibuprofen in a desperate attempt to stave them off. Toward the end of the day I was exhausted but had to push through with chores. 

Day 3 dawned bright and early at the 5:30 AM alarm but that turned into 6:30 and then 7:30 before I finally pried my butt out from under the covers. With my husband and son arriving from their boys’ trip, I may or may not have needed to erase all of the evidence of a lazy Girls’ Spring Break! (LOL, seriously it wasn’t that bad, but definitely not up to dear hubby’s level of cleanliness.)

So I didn’t take a lot of pictures for these two days because I just didn’t have my mind in it.  

Day 2 Meals

Breakfast: Sweet potato scramble, paleo bacon and avocado

Lunch: leftover breakfast because did I seriously think I could eat that much!?

Dinner: steak and roasted Brussels sprouts

Snacks: roasted pecans, walnuts and Brazil nuts in ghee, banana

Day 3 Meals

Breakfast: paleo bacon, fried eggs on spinach

Lunch: leftover taco meat, leftover Brussels sprouts, Apple and almond butter 

Dinner: Chile Chicken fingers, sautéed kale

Snacks: dried plantains, banana, dates

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