10 Reasons Why I’m Trying the Whole 30 Again

10 Reasons Why I’m Trying the Whole 30 Again


  1. I am having constant daily headaches.
  2. My weight has ballooned out of control. I am nearly close to my all time high from when I started Weight Watchers back in 2012.
  3. My back hurts. Every. Morning. When I get up.
  4. I have no clothes to wear for work anymore.
  5. My skin is dull and pimply and flaky.
  6. Just getting up from a chair or the couch is an Olympic event.
  7. My plantar fasciatis is back with a vengeance.
  8. I’m constantly having IBS symptoms again.
  9. I’m tired all the time and just feel like doing nothing.
  10. I’m ready to feel better and live a healthier life.

So I went to the store today and purchased a few items to help me get back on track with the Whole 30 way of eating: avacados, Paleo bacon, mushrooms, etc.  I almost bought some olive oil mayo but thought about the fact that I have all the ingredients so I know I can make that myself.  The biggest thing is that I have to plan ahead and prep all of my food in advance.

I have debated whether or not to cut out caffeine like I did last time. Memories of revisiting all of my food from the first day due to the massive migraine caused by my complete and utter lack of the 6+ cups of coffee I tend to drink just make me cringe.  But the other memories of how amazing I felt at the end of the month also plague me.  Seeing as I am on Spring Break this week, I guess there is no better time than the present to go cold turkey again.  I will probably be regretting this decision in about 24 hours but I need to keep the end result in mind.  A healthier body is the only way I will get my energy and clarity back. Having brain fog is a deplorable way to live and try to accomplish all I want to do in my life. Here I go.  Follow me on my journey!

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